Check out the fun county fairs happening near our Adirondack family resorts. Rediscover the childhood joy of the fair as you bring your family and friends on the magical journey of watching rodeos, riding crazy rides, meeting curious animals, and indulging fried-food!  Don’t miss out on this family fun adventure while staying at Depe Dene on the glimmering shores of Lake George.

County Fair on the shores of our Adirondack Family Resorts

The Washington County Fair features thousands of exhibitors and animals, as well as free shows and entertainment every day. You’ll find unique handcrafted gifts from hundreds of artisans and craftsmen. Try the various deep-fried fair goodies from various vendors. From local produce to traditional fair treats, they won’t disappoint! This county fair helps expose the county’s agricultural life in a fun environment. Kids will love challenging their knowledge on the fun, interactive games, as well as the bumper cars and other crazy fair rides.

Warren County Youth Fair

The Warren County Youth Fair is another unique fair opportunity. This free for all and features youth exhibits, talent shows, crafts and so much more. You won’t even notice that there are no rides with all the activities and shows! More than a free family event, this fair offers youth the opportunity to show art, woodworking, and food projects they work on throughout the year. Before the Fair opens, judges are selected to select prize worthy works, which helps youth gain self-confidence and work on their communication skills.

Saratoga County Fair

Take part in the annual Saratoga County Fair! This classic carnival offers bigger and better fun activities than ever. Enjoy live music, a wild rodeo, a demolition derby, local and exotic animals, and more. Saratoga County is a little bit of a drive from your Adirondack family resorts on the shores of Lake George. However, it’s well worth the trip, as every member of your family will love it. It’s a unique opportunity to experience a thrilling combination of agriculture, education, and entertainment at one of the oldest fairs in the country.

The whole family will love fair hoping around your Adirondack family resorts, Depe Dene is more than a fun basecamp, you’ll enjoy soaking up some sun on the beach as the kids splash out their never-ending supply of energy!