Things To Do at Depe Dene Resort

Beach & Water Activities 

Depe Dene Resort is home to the largest private sandy beach on Lake George. Our three-hundred foot beachfront is perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the beautiful view. As our property is located in a protected cove, our beachfront offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and various islands. Our beach comes equipped with lounge chairs, kayaks, and standup paddle boards.

Heated Pool 

If you need a break from the sand, we also offer a heated pool. Our pool is located at the top of the resort near the entrance. The pool area is fenced to provide privacy and safety while swimming and sunbathing.

Sporting Activities 

Numerous sports amenities are located throughout the property. We have tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, and volleyball/badminton courts. In addition, we have ping-pong tables and horseshoe pits.

The front desk has all of the equipment you need to use any of the sports amenities, e.g., basketballs, badminton rackets & shuttlecocks, volleyballs, etc. When you are ready to play, you simply visit the front desk to loan out the equipment you need.


We have two playgrounds as well as one large green space available for sports and play.