Take a nice little step back in time and enjoy a well-deserved vacation to Lake George, New York. Our town is the perfect place to relax in historical beauty and grace in northern New York. Let’s explore all the hidden gems throughout historical Lake George in preparation for your visit.

The Original Vacation 

Nestled in the vast Adirondacks, Lake George was once a mostly uninhabited land of rolling hills, glistening waters, dense woods, and various flora and fauna. A preacher from Boston by the name of William H. H. Murray helped introduce the Adirondacks to the general public. In 1868, he published a book called Adventures in the Wilderness. Folks were inspired to go on vacation in the wilderness, sparking mass travel to the surrounding area. The Original Vacation was born, as people fell in love with hiking, swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities they couldn’t enjoy in their everyday city lives. 

Nowadays, visitors and locals all enjoy the same vacation activities. You can still participate in grand fishing excursions, hiking, steamboat rides, camping, amusement park tours, and so much more! Lake George holds such a special place in the American history of tourism and travel. Take your own step back in time and reconnect with the activities that past generations also enjoyed years ago. 

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