Going out to eat is a great way to get in some extra family time. Mom or Dad don’t have to cook, and everyone can focus on being present with one another instead of whatever’s going on around the house. Plus, everyone can order their own meal, choosing from likely a much more extensive selection of dishes than what is offered at home. During your time at Depe Dene Family Lakeside Resort, let us guide you to a few of the best Lake George restaurants in the area for a guaranteed great night out. 

Choosing Lake George Restaurants 

When choosing between Lake George restaurants, it’s important to take a peek at the menu and the restaurant website before you go. Sometimes, what you expect and what you get are two different things, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you get seated at a table somewhere. We have many wonderful restaurants in the area, so let us do the sorting for you—so you only get the best of the best of Lake George restaurants. 

Lake George Beach Club 

When you’re looking for Lake George restaurants on the water, the Beach Club is the perfect answer. No other restaurants in Lake George, NY, have better views of the lake. Plus, daily live music makes it all the more exciting, especially when you pair it with a signature cocktail like the Lake Shore Daiquiri or the Adirondack Margarita. The extensive menu here spans salads to sandwiches to seafood. 

Mario’s Restaurant 

Open since 1954, Mario’s Restaurant offers some truly authentic dishes, like osso buco, seafood fra diavolo, and chicken saltimbocca. However, you can find American-Italian favorites here too, such as fettuccine alfredo and chicken parmigiana. Or, pair a noodle shape with a sauce and call it a classic, yet delicious fallback. Don’t forget to finish with the molten lava cake for dessert. 

Moose Tooth Grill 

When staying at Lake George family resorts like Depe Dene, dine at family-friendly Lake George restaurants like Moose Tooth Grill. Everyone can order a house-made root beer to accompany typical grill pub foods, like blooming onions, wings, burgers, fish and chips, and more. Kids will be happy with the children’s food options and the self-playing piano. Many adults will be pleased with the local draft list and the multiple televisions where you can catch the game. 

Places to Eat in Lake George 

Of course, you can always cook in your Depe Dene accommodations if you’d prefer not to eat out, as many of our units include full kitchens. Whether you choose to frequent Lake George restaurants or not, you’re sure to have a great time staying at Depe Dene Family Resort. For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 518-668-2788.