Depe Dene Family Lakeside Resort is the ideal summer getaway destination for those looking for a fun time! We are open from May to September, allowing guests to fully experience the summertime sun and activities that make Lake George, NY, so entertaining. You’ll be able to bask by the lakeside or enjoy the many amenities dotting our resort grounds. We cannot wait to see you this summer season. 

It’s never too early to start planning your family’s next summer vacation. You can save yourself last-minute stress and have something exciting to look forward to! This summer, head to Lake George, where there is no shortage of things to do, from classic amusement parks to factory outlet malls. Another unique attraction that draws in locals and tourists alike is Nettle Meadow Farm and Artisan Cheese. You’ll be greeted with smiling faces belonging to both the humans and the sanctuary animals when you visit. Keep reading for more information before your summer vacation—

Happy Critters at Nettle Meadow Farm Make for Great Cheese

Nettle Meadow Sanctuary Farm is home to over 130 farm animals and an award-winning cheese company. Located around 30 minutes away from Depe Dene, this wonderful animal oasis offers incredible experiences that will let you get up close and personal with so many quirky creatures. Some animals permanently reside at the farm (production/working herd), while others are available for adoption. They are always searching for donations and items that will help all the animals live their best lives! You can visit their “Farm & Sanctuary” page for more details. We know you are excited to learn more about the spirited animals they care for, so let’s continue. 

The cheese shop is open daily, usually from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for cheese sales. Nettle Meadow Farm is committed to the artisanal nature of cheese, making sure to only work with happy animals and the best ingredients. They have won several awards for their semi-aged Kunik, a triple crème wheel made from goat’s milk and cow cream. The cheese selection is vast, and they’ve even curated the perfect recipes using their tasty creations. 

You can take tours of the Kemp Sanctuary at Nettle Meadow every Saturday at noon. The tours are free and come packed with farm adventures. Meet the sanctuary animals, the working herds, and even try some of their cheese! Goats, sheep, chickens, cats, and more call the farm home. After the tour, you may become smitten with a sanctuary animal or two, so consider becoming a sponsor. Nettle Meadow Farm is a great place for animal lovers and cheese fanatics. Their mission will certainly warm your heart and become a lifetime memory. 

Book your summer stay at Depe Dene Family Resort today by calling (518) 668-2788—only 30 minutes away from the extraordinary Nettle Meadow Farm!