Lake George, NY

It’s not quite spring, but no longer winter and Lake George, NY is ready to tap into Maple Season! March is maple month, locals and visitors gather to celebrate with various Lake George activities, but don’t worry if you can’t make it in March. Depe Dene will welcome you throughout the summer months for nearby maple farm visits and relaxing days on our private Lake George beach.

Maple Syrup Production in Lake George, NY

The maple syrup production process starts in early spring. The water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree while the nights are still cold. As temperatures warm up throughout the day, the pressure builds up, which pushes the water back down, making it easy to collect maple sap. The sap is gathered over multiple days, depending on the region and weather in early March into late April. Maple trees measuring at least 8 inches in diameter can be tapped. Larger trees can be tapped more than once during maple harvest season, up to three taps per tree and season. These regulations are to protect the maple trees’ growth. After harvesting the maple woods, the sap is brought to a sugar house where it boils down to maple syrup. As it boils, the water evaporates and becomes sweeter and denser. Sap boils until it reaches the density of maple syrup. About 10.5 gallons of sap boil down to one quart of pure maple syrup. For other maple products, like butter, taffy, and sugar, the sap has to boil for even longer. Once evaporation is complete, the finished products are bottled or canned and shipped to their final destinations.

Depe Dene Getaway

Make sure to visit one of the neighboring Maple Farms, like Toad Hill Maple Farm, or Hidden Hollow Maple Farm, on your next Depe Dene getaway. Make sure to get some sweet treats from each farm you visit. Although Vermont is famous for its Maple Syrup, New York is a close second and our lakeside Depe Dene Resort also offers fun other things to do in Lake George, NY. Don’t miss out on a sweet trip to Lake George, NY book your first summer getaway to Depe Dene today!