Did you know that New York has some incredible outdoor recreation attractions? Most people only think about New York City but travel a bit upstate, and you’ll encounter Lake George, one of the premier outdoor getaway spots in the state. Lake George is an oddly shaped lake with over 100-miles of shoreline. It’s been a long-time favorite summer retreat for New York’s wealthy families throughout history. But today, it’s the perfect trip for families and friends to enjoy various lake activities.

Boating on Lake George

Boating is by far the most popular activity to do on the lake. There’s plenty of room out on the lake for enjoying activities like jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, and more. If you’re a frequent visitor to Lake George, you might already have your own boat. But if not, the good news is that you can find lots of boating rentals around the lake.

Lake George jet ski rentals and marinas are easy to find and provide lots of different boating options. Renting is an excellent option if you’re looking to learn how to ride jet skis or looking for a fun activity for the day. Many of the rental shops offer jet skis rentals by the hour or daily.

Most of the rental shops are seasonal between May and September. If you’re planning a trip during the seasons, check out one of these Lake George jet ski rental places to find the best deals and rates on jet skis.

1. Yankee Boat Rentals and Marina

Yankee Boat Rentals and Marina is a popular place for renting jet skis and other boats. It’s known for having one of the newest fleets of boats on the lake so that you can enjoy a modern, stylish ride. The shop operates a private marina where you can find a range of jet skis, speed boats, and deck boats.

2. Lake George Boat Rental

You’ll have an easy time getting a jet ski rental at Lake George Boat Rental. Make reservations online or call ahead to book a boat for a couple of hours or the day. The rental shop also welcomes walk-up rentals. It’s based on a waitlist, so arrive early to get your name on the list to be notified when your boat is available. Lake George Boat Rental has a helpful staff that offers tutorials for new jet ski riders.

3. TowBoat Lake George

TowBoat rental company has one of the largest rental selections. Whether looking for boats or equipment, the shop has you covered. You can find jet ski rentals, fishing boats, water skis, tubing, and more. You can add on equipment to accompany your rental.

Enjoy your trip to Lake George by staying at the Depe Dene Lakeside Resort. It’s a family-friendly resort located right on the lake. You’ll have cozy rooms to relax and unwind after a long day out on the lake. The convenient location puts you within walking distance to many Lake George jet ski rental shops. Call 518-668-2788 today to check room availability during the rental season!