There are a few things in life that make it a little sweeter. Things like Lake George family resorts, time with loved ones, and maple syrup. Starting in March, maple syrup season begins on Lake George. Until mid to late April you can get a taste of a bit of nature’s sweeter side with fresh maple syrup from local Lake George.

Maple Syrup In New York

Coming in second to Vermont, New York is one of the largest producers of maple syrup in the United States. Producers in the area find their finest trees that are 30 years old or older to collect the sap that creates the sugars for making syrup. There are several weekends during the maple season in March that farms like Yonda Farm open their doors for visitors to view production and learn about the process. There are several events like this across the Adirondacks where you can experience it yourself.

Get A Taste 

During these viewings and tours, you will often be able to taste the maple syrup that each facility produces. Each has their own little touch to how they make it so some may be sweeter, some may be thicker, and some even make candies out of the sugar. In April there is also the Hadley Maple Festival located in Hadley, NY. Here you can find much more than just syrup. Enjoy different breakfast foods that accompany the syrup, find local arts and crafts, and enjoy a few entertainment events as well.

Take A Bit Of New York Home

When you visit the Lake George area or stay with us at Depe Dene Resort, make sure you stop by one of the local shops or farms. You can enjoy the local charm and pick up your very own jug of syrup to take a sweet treat home. It is a souvenir you cannot go wrong bringing back. Come and experience the tastes and sweet treats of the Lake George area with us at one of your favorite Lake George family resorts!