No matter the kind, festivals always bring people together to celebrate a shared love. While fests for live music, food, or the arts have their allures, hot air balloon festivals provide an unforgettably unique experience. Luckily, the Adirondack Balloon Festival in Queensbury NY is one of the best hot air balloon festivals in the nation. More than 150,000 people visit the Lake George area over four days. As Depe Dene Resort is only a short drive from the festival grounds, here’s what you should know about the Adirondack Balloon Festival. 

Events at the Adirondack Balloon Festival 

Of course, hot air balloon flights are the main event at the Adirondack Balloon Festival. That’s why they have multiple flights throughout the weekend, whether it’s at sunrise, dinner time, or after dark. At some of the launches, up to 100 balloons could be sent up at once—including special shaped balloons like unicorns and other animals. In-between flights, check out the craft fair, the all-you-can-eat breakfast, food vendors, and musical performances. All events take place at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport or Crandall Park in Glens Falls NY. Make sure to reference the website for details about the schedule and timing.  

Things to Consider at Hot Air Balloon Festivals

No matter the locale, hot air balloon festivals are entirely dependent on perfect weather. For flight, wind speeds can be no higher than three to five miles per hour—and no chance of precipitation, either. The Adirondack Balloon Festival advises people to check their Facebook page for minute-by-minute updates on whether or not balloons will fly that day. In addition, they encourage people to plan to attend multiple balloon send-offs, as it’s possible that one could be postponed. Event attendees should bring their own lawn chairs and blankets for perching on the grass, whether you choose to attend the sunrise, sunset, or moonlight flights. 

Finally, you may be wondering if you can hitch a ride in the balloons during the festival. Although you cannot book rides through the festival itself, you can book separate trips with the pilots that are a part of the festival. Keep in mind that rates typically go for $195-$225 a person. 

Lake George NY 

The Adirondack Balloon Festival is one of the most unique things to do in Lake George NY, so make sure you don’t miss it. Although the Lake George balloon festival is reason enough alone, there are so many other reasons to visit the area throughout the year. Give us a call at 518-668-2788, or visit our website for more things to do in Lake George NY.